Fort Battleford National Historic Site commemorates the role of the North West Mounted Police from 1876 to 1885 in extending the Canadian government’s interests in the west, and the role of Fort Battleford during the conflict of 1885. Established in 1876 by the North West Mounted Police, Fort Battleford became the refuge for 500 settlers during the North West Resistance of 1885 when many settlers feared an attack from Chief Poundmaker’s Cree.

With your family and friends, uncover the central but little-known role of Fort Battleford in the Conflict of 1885. Discover the stories of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), First Nations people, settlers and Métis people in these difficult times. Learn of the arrival of the Canadian Militia and understand the confusion and fear that was prevalent in the spring of 1885. Explore five original NWMP buildings and discover the role the Mounties played in the early years of settlement.

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